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David Kempston (aka Clatterbox) is a veteran electronic music producer who's early experimentation began in the late 80's.
Clatterbox has released music on many labels including : CLEAR, TRUST, CHEAP, TOUCHIN’ BASS, and FRUSTRATED FUNK.
2003 saw the launch of record label Z-BOP, co-run by Steve Horne aka Even Steven / The Horn and fellow artists Goliath and Nanobot.
[ clatterbox@z-bop.co.uk ]
[ clatterbox.com ]
[ djkproductions.net ]

    even steven
[ evensteven@z-bop.co.uk ]
[ the-horn.bandcamp.com ]

Z-Bop co-founder. A prolific and flourishing producer, working within experimental electronics and electro. Debut album 'Mineral Kingdom' released in 2006 on Z-BOP.
[ goliath@z-bop.co.uk ]
[ garykempston.bandcamp.com ]

Z-Bop co-founder and DJ extroidinaire. Co-runs events and a radio show under the name NONOM.
[ myspace.com/nanobot_zbop ]
[ zbop facebook page]
[ nonom.co.uk ]

Time served, B-boy influenced, electro funk loving space cowboy with a computer and whole lot of attitude!
History: irrelevant... Mission: to make mum proud! Beware... This funk hurts!
[ myspace.com/synchronois3 ]

  the exaltics
The mysterious exaltics hail from a deep galaxy far away and have arrived with their direct electro messages to planet earth. During the end of the nineties they started to transform their signals and today you must listen to what they have to say. From 2007 they have been running their operation from the SOLARONE MUSIC mothership.
[ the-exaltics.com ]
[ myspace.com/theexaltics ]

With strong parallels to the sound of Drexciya and Elecktroids, Dynarec is able to fill in some very emotional and melodic work that makes you wonder; how is he able to do that? Playing piano since he was 6 years old could be an answer to his performing skills. On his own label VAPORWAVE, he started to produce more straight forward techno material. In fact Dynarec has never really been an electro freak. The first minute some soft and very melodic stuff - the other some real hard techno tracks with strong references to both Germany and Detroit.
[ myspace.com/dynarec ]

  dan lodig
Dan was responsible for some of Vienna’s first techno parties in 1992 with owner of TRUST records, DJ GLOW. After that Dan dj’ed on a regular basis. His first productions were released in 1995 on TENSION records as the "che si" double LP. Dan runs POMELO with ART VEGA, and currently resides in Barcelona.
[ pomelo.org ]
[ myspace.com/lodig ]

  wee dj's
[ thismachineisbroken.co.uk ]
[ myspace.com/theweedjs ]

MANASYt from Bulgaria started producing music in 2002. So far he has released his own brand 'neuro illektro' on more than 15 labels including: Kommando 6, Bunker, MNX, Terminal Dusk, Touchin' Bass, Roulette Rekz, Robodust and Simulacron.
[ myspace.com/manasyt ]

Based in Glasgow, Scotland. Galaxian bring's an individual take to the electro sound. Influenced by the purveyor's of classic Detroit techno and UK electronica, his electro sound encompasse's dark atmospheric's, quirky and strange electronic's, menacing bassline's and creeping groove's fused with full on, twisted, mind warping electro and funked up groove's of the past, present and future. Currently releasing on a number of well respected labels in the USA and UK. Galaxian's sound is set to continue it's spread far and wide. ...Who know's where it will lead.
[ myspace.com/galaxian ]

  navier stokes
Everywhere around us, the world exists on a delicate balance of order and chaos. Out of chaotic movement, order emerges, and in ordered processes chaos creeps in unpredictably. Humans have striven to order their world with more and more success over the eons, and still find themselves confronted with chaos, both within and without. Navier-stokes proposes to solve the problem by accepting this dichotomy of life: embrace the chaos.
[ myspace.com/criticalre ]
[ myspace.com/hadamard ]
[ jankobartelink.com ]